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Ventrilo harassment is a form of trolling over the Ventrilo system. LightSpeed Gaming Control Panel Enter the email address you registered your account with and we will send you an email containing instructions on how you can recover your password. Windows Client - Ventrilo Tech Support

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I'd really like to make a Ventrilo 4 server, but i can't find the server file ANYWHERE. If anybody could help me, that'd be awesome. "My Ventrilo Server" is a server that could really use any people. Tolerance: Very high Known # of admins: 1 Hostname/IP: port #: 7989 Password: boat40under '' - Public Ventrilo Server. SupremeVoice Communications 'Zybez Ventrilo' ( is a public Ventrilo, but consists of many Runescape players. just had new motherboard etc installed..i went into an online game, i turned on ventrillo and could hear everyone talk, but, i could not. i went to desktop and ventrillo works fine..then i started poking around in settings (sound, mic, etc) and messed it up more, now i can hear myself in my headset and can not use the vent in game. what have i

GameSpeak, an affiliate of, is a fully licensed premium provider of Ventrilo server hosting and Teamspeak servers.We host Ventrilo servers at cheap prices at 35 datacenters spanning 6 continents.

Download Ventrilo Client | Ventrilo Download The most reliable client-server, voice communication software (VOIP) for online computer game players. Ventrilo Client (Version 3.0) The end-user license agreement (EULA) restricts third-parties from hosting the Ventrilo client executables or Ventrilo server executables for download. Urban Dictionary: ventrilo Ventrilo is a VoIP(voice over IP) program that enables voice chat. Commonly used for online games such as halo, world of warcraft, dark age of camelot, everquest, and … download ventrilo free (windows) download ventrilo windows, ventrilo windows, ventrilo windows download free VentriloPro (free version) download for PC