25+ Healthcare Data Breaches Statistics [2020 Updated]

List of data breaches - Wikipedia Most breaches occur in North America. It is estimated that the average cost of a data breach will be over $150 million by 2020, with the global annual cost forecast to be $2.1 trillion. It is estimated that in first half of 2018 alone, about 4.5 billion records were exposed as a result of data breaches. The 15 biggest data breaches of the 21st century Not long ago, a breach that compromised the data of a few million people would have been big news. Now, breaches that affect hundreds of millions or even billions of people are far too common. About 3.5 billion people saw their personal data stolen in the top two of 15 biggest breaches of this century alone. 25+ Healthcare Data Breaches Statistics [2020 Updated] Jun 26, 2020

Oregon Department of Human Services. Industry: Healthcare/government. Impact: 645,000 …

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Mar 31, 2020

The biggest data breach as of April 2020 was thr summer 2018 security breach of sales intelligence company Apollo. During the security breach, over 9 billion data points related to companies and January 2020 Healthcare Data Breach Report Feb 21, 2020 Marriott reveals its second customer data breach in two Mar 31, 2020 The Top 5 Healthcare Data Breaches in First Half of 2020